Brown and Out – Original Artwork

Call for price

Would you like to see this artwork in your room? Simply send us a picture of your space with a rough dimension and the format you would like to team@pauljamesgallery.com and we will gladly show you.

‘Brown and Out’ is a sultry bear painted amidst the detritus of an urban landscape, which is not that far removed from reality in the USA and Canada sadly. Paul’s humour and creativity are evident once again with the details of the bottles and packages. The double yellow lines suggest that this is based on a British street so there is some artistic licence here, as bears aren’t roaming our streets – just yet!

This original artwork is not just a notorious member of the Paul James Collection – it is an iconic piece for our Paul James Collectors as the limited edition of ‘Brown and Out’ is very popular.

‘Brown and Out’ is a significantly large piece filled with quirky elements that the ‘Urban Graffiti’ collection is famously known for – ‘Bearoni’, ‘Malbrown’ and ‘La Plonka’ are a few that you may be able to spot straightaway. You can even spot the Maltesers in the background.


Framing and Dimensions

It is also worth mentioning that the framing technique of this piece is to the highest standards as the artwork is framed with a wide double frame and protected by non reflective museum glass – the piece has to be viewed to be fully appreciated.

The total measurements of the framed piece are 120cm high x 140cm width x 11cm depth.


How to view or purchase the piece?

This Urban Graffiti original artwork is currently on display in the Paul James Museum in Northamptonshire, waiting for its new home. It can be purchased at a guide price.

If you would like to view or purchase ‘Champagne Charlie’, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of curators on 01327 223400 or team@pauljamesgallery.com

Don’t forget to have a quick look at the limited edition of ‘Brown and Out’ which is still available in 2 formats, simply follow this link – https://bit.ly/BrownAndOut-PaulJames

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About Paul

A leading contemporary animal and landscape realist painter – Paul is world renowned for the skill and craftsmanship of his artwork. He dedicates himself to each piece with passion. Freedom is his forte and therefore his work is always fresh and current.

Paul James