Ebony – Original Artwork

Would you like to see this artwork in your room? Simply send us a picture of your space with a rough dimension and the format you would like to team@pauljamesgallery.com and we will gladly show you.

Paul has a love of ducks and was intrigued by this Cayuga variety. This is a decorative piece with an unusually coloured background which highlights the interesting details in the feathers. It can be bought singularly or as a pair with ‘Jet’.

This piece is finely presented in in a classy black matt float frame with a slight grain. For more details in regards to this piece and information about the price and delivery, please get in touch with our team on 01327 223400 or at team@pauljamesgallery.co.uk .


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About Paul

A leading contemporary animal and landscape realist painter – Paul is world renowned for the skill and craftsmanship of his artwork. He dedicates himself to each piece with passion. Freedom is his forte and therefore his work is always fresh and current.

Paul James