Philosophical Charlie

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‘Philosophical Charlie’ has more than a nod to several famous philosophers including ‘Socrates’ ‘Plato’, ‘Aristotle’ and ‘Confucius’. The piece is also littered with related quotes and symbolism and philosophical references.

This is a vibrant, intriguing painting with plenty for the viewer to explore and reflect upon with the now iconic ‘Charlie duck’, as the focal point.  Let’s delve a little deeper and take a look at the various elements that Paul has envisioned that come together to create this wonderful masterpiece.  

On the graffitied back wall we have the large white letters ‘QI’ representing chi -energy, alongside the pink lettering of ‘Plato Boys’. Layered over these, there is green wording in Spanish, which translates to the famous Socrates quote ‘I only know that I know nothing’ by the Soco crew. The light bulb has the number 42 on it which if you are familiar with ‘Hitch Hikers guide to the galaxy’ was their answer to the meaning of life. There is a ‘To be’ on the wall which is beside the  ‘Cola Confucius’ can which has written upon it ‘not to be’.

Amidst the detritus is an interestingly created CD; the Hayden symphony 22 is titled ‘The Philosopher’, it can be found be on the ‘Naxos’ label but Paul has called it the Quaxos label and this must surely be the eclectic compilation series judging as it is twinned with the 1970’s ‘Disco Duck’ by Rick Dees and his band (the Cast of Idiots).  The graphics of 2 ducks is taken from the saying in bingo where 22 is referred to as 2 little ducks. The coins in the foreground are ‘I Ching’ coins used in Confucius readings.  The rumpled paper has a series of questions and comments that relate to the subject matter; one should also take heed of the warning on the cigarette packet.  The ‘Sator square’ on the left- hand side of the wall is a two-dimensional word square containing a five-word Latin palindrome which is ancient and mysterious and has featured in magical contexts. The five words can be translated to mean ‘The sower with his plough, holds the wheel with care’. The ruler and piece of string at the front left-hand edge relate to the saying ‘how long is a piece of string’. There are other details within the painting which are more self- explanatory.

‘Charlie’ would appear to be on a quest for wisdom and in search of the meaning of life.


Giclée and Limited Edition Information

Giclée Paper – Limited edition of 100 plus artist proofs

Giclée Box Canvas – Limited edition of 100 plus artist proofs

All limited edition prints are checked, numbered and hand signed by Paul James and include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Giclée is a French word meaning ‘a spray of liquid’. This inkjet printing method uses high quality UV long lasting pigment inks on archival grade paper or canvas.

Giclée Paper – Mounted Only

When you select this option, your Giclée paper print will arrive to you cellophane wrapped, and presented with an off white mount board ready for you to just add a frame of your choosing at your local framer.

The overall size of this Mounted Giclée paper print is 85cm wide x 81cm high.

Giclée Paper – Framed With Our Optional Black Gloss Or Matt Wooden Frame

When you select this option, your Giclée paper print will arrive to you mounted and framed, ready to hang.

Our choice of off-white mount and striking black high gloss or classic matt frames suit Paul’s artwork magnificently. When you select the framed option in the drop down list, the main image will change to show you how this finished framed artwork will look.

The print is protected behind glass within the frame and your framed piece will arrive to you in sturdy cardboard packaging.

The overall size when framed is 100cm wide x 95cm high (gloss) or 95cm wide x 87cm high (matt).

Giclée Box Canvas – Ready to Hang

When you select this option, your Giclée canvas print will arrive to you pre-stretched over a quality wooden box structure. The box structure means this option is ready to hang and you do not need an additional frame.

The overall standard size is 90cm high x 98cm wide and 4.5cm deep.

Our box canvases are gallery wrapped, which means that the sides of the box canvas are black in colour, giving the image a ‘framed’ appearance when viewed from the side.

Giclée Box Canvas – Framed With Our Optional Black Matt Or Gloss Wooden Frame

When you select this option, your Giclée box canvas print will arrive arrive to you pre-stretched over a quality wooden box structure, and then set into a chunky black matt or gloss wooden frame.

The matt black option has a slight ‘wood grain’ texture, whereas the gloss option is shiny and polished. When you select these framing options in the drop down list the main image will change to show you how the artwork will look in the selected frame.

The overall standard size when framed is 103cm high x 111cm wide x 5.5cm deep.




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About Paul

A leading contemporary animal and landscape realist painter – Paul is world renowned for the skill and craftsmanship of his artwork. He dedicates himself to each piece with passion. Freedom is his forte and therefore his work is always fresh and current.

Paul James