Curators & Art Consultants

Have you considered the convenience of having your very own art curator who will help you select the right pieces?

A piece of art on your wall is like a window looking out into… Well, you choose.

Surrounding ourselves with beautiful pieces of art has a big impact on who you are and how you feel.

Our Curators are here to conveniently bring the gallery experience to your home to save you time.

We work with hundreds of artists and publishers in order to handpick your next masterpiece.

Whether you are looking to completely restyle your home, discover a new artist, add a statement piece or would simply like an insight of art the world, our team is here to support you.

Althought we focus on Paul James and his work, we can help you create a comprehensive collection base on your style and preferences.

  • Are you treating yourself to a new piece?
  • Re-styling your walls?
  • Adding to your art collection?
  • Struggling to visualise?

It truly is amazing to have the works of so many artists made available to you from the comfort of your own home without having to spend so much time browsing through various galleries.  

I find it truly amazing how the curators can handpick pieces from so many artists that specifically match the colours of my home and my preferences of art. As for the visualisation, it was really important to me to visualise the result before I made the final decision so the curators superimposed the pieces on my walls.

I really couldn’t be happier.


Meet Our Curators & Art Consultants:

Andreea Calenic

Andreea Calenic

Chief Curator & Art Consultant

Andreea is an artist in her own way – whenever customers introduce her to their home, she adds colour to it just like an artist paints a blank canvas. If you are thinking of building an art collection, Andreea is definetely the right person to speak to.

Carla Field

Carla Field

Curator & Art Consultant

Carla always had a passion for art. She particularly enjoys art that has a deep meaning to it. If you are looking to convey a message through your art, feel free to get in touch and Carla will be able to help.