Andreea Calenic

Chief Curator & Art Consultant

Andreea is our Chief Curator, Art Consultant as well as Framing Expert.

You will often see Andreea in our Paul James Gallery and Museum in Northamptonshire looking after Paul’s portfolio of limited editions and original artworks, but also our major collectors and the pieces displayed in their homes.

Andreea’s aim from the very beginning of her career in the art world was to develop a deeper relationship between pieces of art, their story and the individual who sees the beauty in that artwork.

There are several different areas of the business that Andreea is involved in. As the Chief Curator, she oversees the various different methods that are part of the bigger picture in the Paul James Gallery world. 

From handling Original Artworks, to publishing the limited editions and administrating stock, generating the marketing, overseeing the administration of each piece purchased by a collector, advise on framing, help customers find their own masterpieces, looking after our Partner Certified Galleries and our own team, Andreea does like to keep her hand on the pulse when it comes to each section of our Gallery. 

You will even often find Andreea in big homes, hotels and restaurants entirely redesigning them with artworks, furniture, lighting, accessories and everything in between. 

Andreea works with a lot of people in the art world as well as all the different industries surrounding it, so the customers she helps have a real opportunity to achieve anything they want art and design related and they have the convenience of a comprehensive experience from one source. 

There is a lot of thought that goes in each piece. Each artist, when they start a piece they do it with an idea in their mind… Often they will work days, weeks, months and even years on it and the customer deserves to be part of that journey as well.

Andreea CalenicChief Curator & Art Consultant

If you are looking for a piece of art I would recommend you go to the Paul James Gallery and talk to Andreea.
Andreea should definitely win a customer service award as she provided high-quality support that enabled me to find a piece of art that I had been seeking for several years.
Without Andreea’s commitment and determination to assist me, I do not think that I would have acquired such a wonderful piece of art.


Andreea became part of our family for the time she spent searching for a seller of Posh, and I’ll forever be grateful for what she has given us.

Long story short, the lengths that Andreea went to, the amount of time and effort she put into finding us a print, has been nothing short of incredible. Incredible. It’s like she took our story to heart and wouldn’t let us down. She worked so, so hard.


Andreea has been brilliant with not only with me, but with the younger ones too, discussing the pieces with them and really making them feel involved in understanding what they are looking at.
Huge credit to Andreea and the whole team at the Paul James Gallery, I look forward to our continued dealings, now the girls have their favourites, they will no doubt want to add to their own collections.

LiamUnited Kingdom

The service from start to finish has been excellent and the courtesy calls from Andreea much appreciated.
We are delighted with our piece.

MonicaUnited Kingdom

So here’s the thing, as a result of the work Andreea has done (and the team), the start of the journey is now also an incredibly positive, enjoyable experience. From viewing, deciding, handing over the pennies, having it framed, delivery, follow up events and as Andreea often reminds me, being part of the family. Outstanding customer interaction and service to be proud of!

WillUnited Kingdom
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The Curator of Original Artworks

Andreea is our expert when it comes to Original Artworks. She works very closely with Paul James to ensure that when a piece leaves his studio to go to either our gallery or a collector’s home, the whole process flows absolutely perfectly.

Original Artworks are the diamonds in each artist’s collection. Each piece has to be handled with a lot of respect due to all the work that has gone into it from the artist’s perspective, but also with a lot of care as these are very valuable pieces both financially and emotionally.

Andreea CalenicChief Curator & Art Consultant

Later in the process, we make sure the packaging is of the highest quality, the delivery is as smooth as possible and handled by dedicated art technicians, the certificate and personal dedication from the artist is in place and even down to the smallest details such as instructions on fittings and the insurance once the piece is in your home.

When pieces are delivered overseas, which is often the case, Andreea would even handle the export and import of the artwork and work with experts in the industry on getting all the documentation right and that includes making sure you pay the right duty at the customs too.

If you want to find our more about any of our original artworks displayed in the Gallery, you are more than welcome to ask as Andreea would love to share more stories with you about our pieces.

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Limited Editions

One of Andreea’s main passions is to share Paul James artworks with as many collectors as possible.

Most Original Artworks are available as limited editions and Andreea’s focus is to identify and decide which piece becomes a limited edition and work with the artist on deciding the size of the limited editions, formats, dimensions and the story behind it.

My background is in media and marketing so every time I am sent an image of the latest artwork Paul has created I get really excited. Sharing the story of the piece, getting the video concept right, creating a whole atmosphere around that artwork depending on the subject matter is something I really enjoy. It becomes a new planet in our universe and we are developing it step by step.

Andreea CalenicChief Curator & Art Consultant

When we then launch it to firstly our collectors and then to our Paul James Gallery fans and fellow galleries, that is when the fun begins.

We enjoy talking about you, your lifestyle, your home, why you like art and a certain piece in particular and we genuinely want to make sure you are getting your perfect masterpiece

So Andreea alongside the rest of the team administrates the stock and ensures that we have a constant flow of new artworks in the gallery too.

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Playing the Matchmaker

Andreea loves playing the matchmaker. What do we mean by that?

Well, my role is to match pieces to customers and not vice versa. Each piece in your home is like a window to whatever it is that you want to see and my duty is to help you materialise that vision through a piece of art.

Andreea CalenicChief Curator & Art Consultant

Whether it is Paul James or another artist you admire, you can rest assured we will find the perfect match – this is why we are different.

So when you call the gallery and ask to speak to Andreea, you know that you are not only getting any piece of art, you are getting a personal curator looking after your collection. 

Andreea will talk to you about all the different aspects of the piece you are thinking of purchasing, the edition number, whether it is an AP, the painting technique, the format and size, the framing, how it will fit your interior design, the certificate of authenticity and even the installation. She will even superimpose the piece on the wall, in your home, to make sure you are making the right decision.

Each customer is different, the standard of our service remains the same and Andreea is here to make sure your pieces are handpicked to your style and you are getting a personalised experience in the art world.

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From our Gallery to Your Home

We are not just a gallery. I would like you to know us as your friends within the art world because when you come into our gallery, you are entering our home and we want you to feel welcomed. And if you choose to take a bit of it home because you have enjoyed the experience, then we just could not be any happier and honoured.

Andreea CalenicChief Curator & Art Consultant

Andreea alongside the whole team takes pride in changing the world of art one piece at a time by working with an extraordinary artist like Paul James. 

The process between Paul James painting the piece and you displaying it in your home is extensive and fascinating.

When you receive your artwork, it is important to remember that it has our team’s passion and love for art at its core and it combines the skills of multiple professionals in the industry.

Meaning that from the first brush stroke made by Paul, to the finished artwork, the scanning process, manufacturing each individual piece, signing it, the hours of decision making about the limited edition and the research to the storytelling behind it and the compulsory quality checks before it reaches your home, our team do everything to ensure you have an artwork to enjoy for decades to come.

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Curators that Care

Your skill is your licence in the industry, it is your passion that makes all the difference. I take things personally when it comes to your art. We always say that the customer comes first, always.

Andreea CalenicChief Curator & Art Consultant

Whether you just want a piece to complete a room, or you are trusting us to decorate your whole home or business premises, we will ensure you have a tailored experience depending on your needs and your lifestyle.

Just as an artist will paint a piece with an idea in mind, we want to handpick the artworks that match your vision and your style.

If you would like to find out more about how Andreea can help, you can always book a free art consultation or find our more here.

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Who is Andreea Outside Work

Well, you will rarely find our Miss Calenic doing nothing…

She truly enjoys constantly moving forward and she believes in organising your diary in such a way, you always have something to look forward to…

I am very much represented by my occupation. It really overtakes my lifestyle in the greatest way possible. I am very lucky to have chosen an occupation which I truly enjoy and so you’ll never find me watching the clock waiting for 5 o’clock.

Andreea CalenicChief Curator & Art Consultant

Whether it is a very exciting project she is taking on, a new gallery to add to the portfolio, a new city to visit or of course, a new pair of shoes, Andreea will find or create excitement in anything she does…

I was brought up in a strict environment and learning new things through books or manifesting my creativity through writing or cooking was my form of escapism and it still is.

Andreea CalenicChief Curator & Art Consultant

Once you get to know Andreea, you will soon realise that she is actually a very warm person who will say it as it is but equally, will always have a smile to share.

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What do the Team think of Andreea

Andreea’s enthusiasm for art in general and the art and artists we choose to represent is infectious and is only surpassed by her dedication to the business in hand and making sure the Paul James Gallery operates with the highest professional standards. 

Her boundless energy and thirst for knowledge of the art industry has created a very dynamic environment in which the rest of the team enjoy working. 

Andreea’s experience in digital marketing and business development, means that our customers, Paul James himself and partner galleries can have the confidence that the business will continue to be driven forward using the latest technology and tools available. One thing that Andreea believes in is moving with the times, or even better, staying one step ahead of them! 

As our Chief Curator, Andreea brings flair and creativity when curating a collection of art for both new and existing art collectors and has transformed many a client’s room with a considered choice of art and framing. 

Her in depth knowledge of many artists’ portfolio and particularly Paul James means not only does each customer end up with a great collection visually, but the story behind each artwork and the artist who created it is properly passed on to the curator and later the collector, enriching their enjoyment of the art for years to come.

Whether you just want a piece to complete a room, or you are trusting us to decorate your whole home or business premises, we will ensure you have a tailored experience depending on your needs and your lifestyle.

Just as an artist will paint a piece with an idea in mind, we want to handpick the artworks that match your vision and your style.

If you would like to find out more about how Andreea can help, you can always book a free art consultation or find our more here.

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