Debbie Cox

Art Consultant & Customer Relations

Debbie is one of our Art Consultants as well as our Customer Relationship Manager, also known as our gallery ‘mummy’.


Debbie’s official title is Customer Relationship Manager but she is generally known by the team as the gallery “mummy”.

She is mother to two lovely boys in reality, but that nurturing and caring side of her certainly spills over into her gallery role as well, not only looking after the rest of the team superbly, but also treating our many customers as part of our family.

Debbie is our dedicated member of the team who ensures that from the moment you stepped into our gallery to the point you receive your piece, you feel welcomed and the process goes smoothly… 

Art is a highly valuable emotional and financial item so in addition to our curators helping you select the right piece, Debbie is here to ensure the quality of the piece and the framing is perfect and also treat you to a special limited edition number and a dedication from the artist where possible…

Our team is very proud to offer each customer a bespoke and tailored experience depending on their choice of art and framing and to have that totally unique experience possible, it is important to have a loving and caring person in the background.

Debbie is the one who makes the magic happen behind the scenes and as a customer, you can rest assured that nothing is ever too much trouble here at The Paul James Gallery.

Debbie plays another crucial role in our team.

Our good working relationship with Paul James is vitally important and Debbie ensures that all of his works are presented to our collectors faithfully and accurately on our website.

Debbie has a very keen eye for detail and will consider things very carefully before she commits it to print on our website. When she has a project to complete, she’s very focused and hard to distract, however much we try!

In short, we know whatever the task, it’s in a safe pair of hands. 

In her spare time, she certainly squeezes a lot in. Debbie loves spending time with her husband and two young boys doing fun activities, she also like to relax with a good book and runs a local book club, and if all that isn’t exhausting enough, she also runs a Diners Club for the neighbours in her village! 

As a team member Debbie is very friendly and caring and has a very calming influence on the rest of the team, which is always necessary in a busy gallery!

I’ve always thought that owning one of Paul’s pieces is an experience that keeps giving. All the animals have real story, you can make up your own stories and then hidden in the picture are lots of even more stories. ‘Hillary’ still makes me smile every morning I leave to go to work!

WillUnited Kingdom

Love the gallery and the people…
Great service right from enquiring about visiting in these strange times right through to delivery of ‘The Lads’ last week who are now happily hanging around in our kitchen – LOVE them!

JacquelineUnited Kingdom

The service from start to finish has been excellent and the courtesy calls from the team were much appreciated.
We are delighted with our piece.

MonicaUnited Kingdom

I am incredibly pleased with my purchase and my experience with the Paul James Gallery was very positive. The customer service was attentive and the information was transparent with no hidden l costs. I will remain a customer for many years to come.
I am very satisfied with the high-quality service that I received. The intrinsic value that I placed on the piece of art that I purchased is priceless and has given me enormous pleasure to look at it.

DamianUnited Kingdom
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From our Gallery to Your Home

We are not just a gallery. I would like you to know us as your friends within the art world because when you come into our gallery, you are entering our home and we want you to feel welcomed. And if you choose to take a bit of it home because you have enjoyed the experience then we just could not be any happier and honoured.

Andreea CalenicChief Curator & Art Consultant

Andreea alongside the whole team takes pride in changing the world of art one piece at a time by working with an extraordinary artist like Paul James.

The process between Paul James painting the piece and you displaying it in your home is extensive and fascinating.

When you receive your artwork, it is important to remember that it has our team’s passion and love for art at its core and it combines the skills of multiple professionals in the industry.

Meaning that from the first brush stroke made by Paul, to the finished artwork, the scanning process, manufacturing each individual piece, signing it, the hours of decision making about the limited edition and the research to the storytelling behind it and the compulsory quality checks before it reaches your home, our team do everything to ensure you have an artwork to enjoy for decades to come.

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