Your Complimentary Paul James Artefact

Find your next masterpiece and receive a Framed Artefact Paintbrush used to create one of Paul's iconic artworks...

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All of Paul’s ‘Retired Paintbrushes’ from some of the most popular and iconic artworks such as ‘Chillin’, ‘King of the Road’, ‘Champagne Charlie’ and others, upon finishing the artwork, join the Paul James Gallery and Museum as artefacts for display…

On occasions, when our collectors desire something incredibly special in their Paul James Collection or as a present to one of their friends passionate about Paul’s art, they opt to have a framed paintbrush that was used to create their favourite artwork…

A creative momentum that helped deliver artworks which people enjoy all over the globe.

As a ‘Thank You’ for being part of the Paul James Family, you have the chance of receiving one of the 15 Framed Paintbrushes we are releasing from our collection and adding it as a COMPLIMENTARY GIFT to the first 15 orders on our Brand New Website…

15 is a very limited amount, but the maximum we can release from the Paul James Museum Collection, so to make sure you have one secured, place your order through our website or get in touch with our team on 01327 22400 and speak to one of our Curators who will be able to help… Alternatively, send us an email at with the best contact number and a convenient time and we will get in touch as soon as we can.

With your Framed Complimentary Gift, you will also receive a certificate of authenticity and a dedication signed by Paul James.

These paintbrushes will be treated as a limited edition titled ‘Creative Momentum’ to celebrate the Brand New Paul James Website…

They will be uniquely framed just like our miniatures from the events are.

Each Paintbrush will be framed in an environmentally friendly way, using excess moulding from bespoke framing, handpicked to make it stand out and compliment the colours. If you would like a particular type of frame, please mention it to our curators and we will do our best to help.

This applies on the next 15 orders above £700. For all T’s and C’s, and to secure yours, get in touch with our team.
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Urban Graffiti

Urban themes, graffiti, bold colours and textures, sometimes juxtaposed with more traditional themes and objects… A technique that quickly attracted the limelight in the art industry.

Head in the Clouds

Sunny, upbeat and fun… Paul’s Head in the Clouds collection is all about sincere happiness and the beauty of surrounding wildlife.


Deep colours and phenomenal detail are two iconic highlights of Paul’s contemporary collection.


Paul’s passion for traditional scenery. Rolling landscapes and serene views captured in these beautiful realistic works of art.