Happy Larry


‘Happy Larry’ is a quirky, colourful, and bright creation packed full of sayings, symbolism and song lyrics. It is a cheerful image to uplift the spirits…

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‘Happy Larry’ is slightly different from the rest of the ‘Urban Graffiti’ artwork and is a fascinating painting that crosses several artistic genres. Whilst taking elements of Paul’s ‘Urban’ influences, he veers into ‘Surrealism’ and ‘Pop Art’ yet never loses his focus on ‘Realism’ in the detail. 

Set within the universe rather than the traditional brick wall, this piece also manages to traverse and transcend time and space. There are echoes of the past that some of the sayings and lyrics may evoke, creating a reminiscent air of ‘Happy Days’ gone by and yet the imagery is very current.

The phrase ‘Happy as Larry’ originates from a newspaper headline about a boxer (Larry Foley) in the 1890’s and has since been popularised as a common expression meaning extremely happy and carefree. The boxing glove leant up against the ‘crock of gold’ is a nod to this. 

Many of you will recall ‘Larry’ the lamb as both a movie in 1947 and later a character in the T.V. series ‘Stories from Toytown’. In this depiction ‘Larry’ is situated on a street paved with gold – a term that is said to have stemmed from the 19th century story of Dick Whittington and his cat and generally is interpreted as meaning seeking opportunity and potential wealth. 

The graffiti-esc lettering ‘Happy Days’ dominating the painting is another popular saying used when things are good and going well.

They are set in a night sky, hence the stars and planets in the back ground with the world, moon and stars relating to other upbeat tunes, that many of you will be familiar. 

The clouds in the blue lettering relate to the adage ‘On cloud 9’ when someone is euphoric with joy. 

The green ‘A’ has a number of references to money and there is a 4 leaf clover which represents ‘faith, hope, love and luck’. It is often said that 4 leaf clover abound in Ireland hence the expression ‘The luck of the Irish’.

The yellow ‘P‘ is covered in ‘smilies’, emojis that are common these days, used to convey happiness, gratitude and affection. If you look carefully you will see that there are some cameras, hence the chunk of cheese – a reference to the encouragement to smile when photographs are taken.

The red P is covered in hearts which symbolise affection, love and the rose rising up from the street is for the idiom ‘Everything is coming up Roses’.

The rainbow is a symbol of hope, beauty after a storm and a pot of gold or good fortune are waiting at the rainbows end. They are also used to symbolise inclusivity and diversity an all – embracing image of love and friendship.

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All limited edition prints are checked, numbered and hand signed by Paul James and include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Giclée is a French word meaning ‘a spray of liquid’. This inkjet printing method uses high quality UV long lasting pigment inks on archival grade paper or canvas.

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About The Artist

Paul James

A leading contemporary animal and landscape realist painter – Paul is world renowned for the skill and craftsmanship of his artwork. He dedicates himself to each piece with passion. Freedom is his forte and therefore his work is always fresh and current.

Currently resident in Southern Ireland, he was born and grew up in Leicestershire. His artistic and musical abilities became apparent at an early age. Although essentially self-taught he did attend art College, at the insistence of his teachers to study graphic design. Paul however, did not feel it was necessarily the right path to take and this proved to be the case, so being something of a non- conformist he made the decision not to complete the course. Instead he started to paint; at first mostly mechanical subjects such as, classic cars and aircraft, and was a one-time member of the ‘Guild of motoring artists’. He also made something of a living taking commissions to paint portraits of peoples pet dogs and cats.

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I’ve always thought that owning one of Paul’s pieces is an experience that keeps giving. All the animals have real story, you can make up your own stories and then hidden in the picture are lots of even more stories. ‘Hillary’ still makes me smile every morning I leave to go to work!


I would highly recommend the Paul James Gallery to friends and acquaintances. As official distributors, the gallery holds an extensive collection of work by Paul James. I can be confident of the authentication of every art piece that I purchase from them. The guidance and support provided by Andreea was exceptional. She spent time understanding my needs and exceeded all expectations.


I started collecting Paul James pieces almost 2 years ago now and Andreea has helped me build my collection to 11... I took my two girls to the Paul James Gallery event last month and they also fell in love with all the animals on display, so much so, my 7 year old daughter walked around the gallery with Andreea and picked out a piece which she now calls ‘Brownie’ after her love of brownies, the artwork commonly known as ‘Browned Off’.

David & SarahTamworth

We have been collecting Paul James’ art for more than 15 years and we have just purchased our 22nd piece… A visit to the gallery in Daventry and a chance to meet Andreea, Paul C and the rest of the team really added to the experience of purchasing a new Paul James painting. Their input, guidance and service from start to finish was simply exceptional. More recently, we had a chance to meet Paul and his wife, Linda, during the launch of his latest piece and thoroughly enjoyed talking to them about his work over the past number of years.