The Last Event of 2023

with Paul James…

Saturday 4th 1-7pm & Sunday 5th November 1pm-5pm


Paul James is joining us at the Gallery & Museum in Northamptonshire to share his passion for music and art for the last time this year…

Join us to learn the story behind Paul’s artworks from the man himself as well as explore the full portfolio closely…

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The fine Artist Paul James is a remarkable and fascinating man. He is a gifted wildlife, animal and landscape painter and amazing composer and pianist.

He is a gifted wildlife, animal and landscape painter and amazing composer and pianist.

It would seem that if he has set his heart on learning something, he goes for it ‘big time’.

In fact, should you make reference to his talents, Paul will argue that his creative abilities are not down so much to talent, but more about attitude and application.

He is highly disciplined and shows a dogged determination to succeed in everything he does.

He is always in pursuit of quality, craftsmanship and new ideas, the combination of which will surely gain him the respect and recognition that he truly deserves.

Currently resident in Southern Ireland, he was born and grew up in Leicestershire. His artistic and musical abilities became apparent at an early age.

Paul in the

Art & Music World

Although essentially self-taught he did attend art College, at the insistence of his teachers to study graphic design.

Paul however, did not feel it was necessarily the right path to take and this proved to be the case, so being something of a non-conformist, he made the decision not to complete the course.

Instead he started to paint. At first mostly mechanical subjects, such as classic cars and aircraft, and was a one-time member of the ‘Guild of motoring artists’.

He also made something of a living taking commissions to paint portraits of peoples pet dogs and cats.

Paul also was developing a career in music, playing both organ and piano in a range of pubs, clubs and cocktail bars, but after a while as this did not live up to the rock star lifestyle, he envisaged he returned to his art and took up painting professionally in 1986.

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The Beginning

Paul progressed into landscape painting and it was the haunting beauty of the nearby Charnwood Forest that greatly influenced his early atmospheric landscapes and animal paintings.

Over the years his travels both from his days living and working from a boat on the Inland Waterways and subsequent journeys across the world have shaped and added to the range of his subject matter.

His career has flourished and his artworks have received numerous accolades. In his own words though, with over 50 years of artistic experience Paul feels that he has only just completed his apprenticeship and he has many more works both in art and music to create as yet!

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